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Money Talks


11 February 2022 - 26 June 2022

Venue Leeds City Museum

Tags Adult, Young People,

Explore the different forms money takes and the complex relationship we have had with currency over the centuries in Money Talks, the latest exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

Money Talks looks at the wide-ranging impact that money has had on people and how it shapes our perceptions. It raises questions around value and worth, tells stories from across the globe, and discusses more sensitive subjects including gambling and addiction.

With our society moving ever closer to being cashless, this exhibition asks what this will mean for physical currency and its impact on culture across the world?

This exhibition is sponsored by Leeds Building Society which was founded in 1875 by people working together to save and put home ownership within reach generation after generation. The Society currently has 760,000 members across the UK and is also a partner of the Leeds 2023 year of culture. Visit the Leeds Building Society website to find out more.

See the performance of Money Talks here.

Old cash register on display

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