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Museums attract passionate people like moths to a flame, and this podcast gets to the very heart of the things that make them tick, by asking the questions you actually want to know.

Hosts Meg and Sara pour the tea over topics you never knew you needed to know about. Can you archive an orange? How do you clean a sculpture? What’s the greatest city in the world? (Spoiler alert: it’s Leeds).

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S6E6: Conservators are dorks

Hayley Cropper’s anorak! Here we go gang – signing off this series is self-confessed conservator dork Kloe Rumsey, Conservator at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.

Kloe exercises extreme patience this episode as we ask her all of our burning questions about conservation. Are there big sciencey chemicals involved? How do you deal with the responsibility of trying fix extremely precious artefacts?

And the big one – the question we’ve always known would come up, in a way:

What does Hillary Clinton smell like?

Kloe also hosts the brilliant podcast The C Word – The Conservators’ Podcast. If you like this, you’ll absolutely like that, so give it a listen.

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