A selection of insects shot in macro to show the details including a stag beetle, bumble bee, lanternbug and morpho butterfly

Immense Insects


09 October 2021 - 14 November 2021

Venue Leeds City Museum

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Join us at Leeds City Museum as we explore our incredible insect collection like never before through macro-photography.

We’ve been working with Ed Hall Macropro Photography to bring our insect collection to you in a larger-than-life way.

The photographs in this display show off some of our most spectacular specimens in incredible detail. You can also see the real insect specimens to compare them.

Can you match up all the details revealed in the photos with the real-life bugs?

About the photographer

Ed Hall is a Leeds-based photographer who has a background in ecology research.

Ed works with museums and educational institutions using ultra-high resolution imaging to photograph natural history collections. His work helps to improve the digital preservation of natural history collections in the UK.

For more information about Ed Hall’s work visit macropro.co.uk.

Dead Inspiring

The display is part of our Dead Inspiring project.

This project uses our world-class insect collection to empower and inspire young women in science.

We are doing schools workshops and community events, and providing opportunities to work with curators.

We want to promote a strong women-in-science strategy. Other museums will be able to use this to inspire the next generation of scientists and conservationists.

Why insects?

Insects are vitally important to the survival of humans and other animals around the world.

From pollination and decomposition to pest control and even space exploration, insects are amazingly versatile and resourceful.

We hope that this display will help you to see and think about these tiny creatures through a new lens.

Visit our Dead Inspiring project page to find out more.

Dead Inspiring is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.

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