An old photograph of people including a lady wearing a dress, the photo has been placed on top of the actual dress worn in the photograph

Fast x Slow Fashion: Shopping for clothes in Leeds 1720 – 2020


14 February 2020 - 29 November 2020

Venue Leeds City Museum

Tags Adult, Exhibitions, Young People,

Step into our fashion house at Leeds City Museum and discover how our relationship with shopping has changed in Fast x Slow Fashion.

Spanning 300 years, this exhibition explores how shopping in Leeds has transformed in both its scale and the way it’s consumed. Find out how the ‘slow’ fashion of the past became ‘fast’ in a world of mass production, changing trends and lower prices.

We take a look at how handmade, recycled and pre-loved fashion has made a resurgence in an age of Climate Change Action. And we consider what our history of textile production and trade in Leeds can tell us about the future of shopping.

See the online exhibition here.

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