A piece of art with a blakey's seg and some dimensions.

Let’s Talk About Segs

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Find out why the soles of your shoes owe their longevity to a factory in Armley, in our latest industrial history blog.
A glove that looks very worn, but has beautiful embroidery on the wrist.

Gloves: Fashion and Meaning

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From social etiquette to fashion statements, swot up on the history of gloves with curator Vanessa Jones, with objects from our Dress and Textiles collection.
a black and white photograph of two people walking towards a train.

Third Class to Pandharpur

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Curator John McGoldrick tells the story of an unhappy traveller on the Basri Light Railway in India, on a pilgrimage in the 1930s. Find out how Leeds Forge Company was to blame...
Sheet music for the The Kirkgate Hornpipe

Frank Kidson and the Sounds of Our City

Sounds of Our City, the wonderful, shiny new exhibition has just opened at Abbey House Museum, looking at music over the centuries in Leeds.

A Long-finned Pilot Whale Skeleton

Learn the story behind our whale skeleton, heading for Leeds City Museum, and what we can learn from the bones.
The Woodworm installation on display at Leeds Art Gallery

Intervening in the Woodwork Exhibition

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Artist Alana Jelinek writes about the artistic, community intervention into our Woodwork exhibition.