Curriculum Planning and Support Packages

Leeds Museums & Galleries Curriculum Planning service for local Primary Schools can support you in creating a bespoke curriculum.

Through our Primary School Membership Scheme, we offer schools support in planning and intent, resourcing, and implementing their curriculums. We have expertise in teaching local and diverse histories and are in an excellent position to help schools embed their curriculums in the local area. This also ensures that teachers have the subject knowledge and feel confident in delivering it.

You can now access our Curriculum Planning and Support Packages without being a member. Find out more about our packages below and get in touch via email at [email protected].

Embed Diversity in your Curriculum

This package works with your existing curriculum to identify opportunities or potential changes required. It will support you in embedding diverse histories throughout your curriculum in an authentic, balanced, and critical way.

What’s included:

  • Bespoke CPD to support your staff in thinking differently about existing topics
  • The opportunity to learn about new historical and local figures
  • Gain confidence in framing learning of new stories within the context of the national curriculum’s requirements
Tin toys of a circus fleet with animals.

Embed Local History and Cultural Capital in your Curriculum

This package helps to embed local and cultural knowledge throughout your curriculum; from how it is planned to additional resources and information for its implementation. We look to embed cross-curricular and local links throughout the curriculum which are underpinned by the importance of cultural capital.

What’s included:

  • An assessment of the existing curriculum
  • Suggestions for potential curriculum changes
  • Bespoke CPD for staff to increase local knowledge and ways to apply it in the teaching of new and existing topic

Cost and further information

What’s included:

  • 1 day’s assessment of whole school curriculum including structure, topics, resources and opportunities to embed principles of diversity or local history and cultural capital.
  • 2 hour long sessions with curriculum lead/senior management looking at curriculum planning as a whole, including feedback and discussions around change.
  • 4 hours bespoke training for teaching staff/subject leads around specific subjects, new information and concepts, and ideas for implementation.

Cost: £450

Additional longer term support to make and embed changes and support staff in their delivery is available at the following daily rates:

£150 per day (£25 per hours) – working with curriculum documents, research, resourcing etc.

£200 per day (£50 per hours) – delivery of staff training, meetings with curriculum and subject heads.

What our schools say about us:

“When Oftsted visited us one of the targets they gave us was to develop teacher CPD and knowledge in the foundation subjects, and ensuring we have end points for pupils.

Working with Leeds Museums is really allowing us to fulfil this target and I’m sure, by the time Ofsted return, our curriculum will be first class. We will have created an enquiry-based bespoke curriculum, relevant to the needs of our community and pupils, that will ensure they receive a first-class education – what they truly deserve.”

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