Useful online tools

This is a list of links to useful online tools that we can all use to make our lives just a little bit easier when working online.

Photopea – A free online photo editor that works similarly to Photoshop, supporting PSD files and other popular formats.

Tiny PNG Image compression for free! Just drag your images into the web page and Tiny PNg will compress the image to a smaller file size, without losing any image quality or resolution.

ImLarger – You will have to sign up for free, but this website lets you use AI to touch up image quality, enlarge images, and lots of other useful features.

Perplexity AI – Similar to ChatGPT, but with sources! This Language bot is really useful for research and organising data.

CapCut – Super accessible online video editing with tons of templates and audio to use in your video content.

WeTransfer – Share files for free up to 2GB. You can create a link to share, or even just email the download directly to a contact.

Useful guidelines

LMG Canva Guide 2024.docx ( – A guide on how to use Canva, a useful design tool for layout.

These are just some examples us really useful tool to make your work online quicker and more efficient. If you have any other useful tools you use, please contact [email protected] and he will be very excited to add them to the list.