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Humboldt penguins at Wildlife World

School Workshop: All About Penguins!

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Find out all about penguins in this school workshop at Wildlife World for younger pupils.
Capybara at Wildlife World

NEW Workshop: Adaptation Investigators

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Discover how animals are adapted to increase their chances of survival, through behavioural or physical/anatomical traits.

School Workshop: Living in the Dark

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Find out how animals adapt to live in the dark in this nocturnal schools workshop with Wildlife World at Lotherton.
Close up of the burgess table at Lotherton

School Workshop: Lotherton Topic Days

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We provide activities to inspire your pupils’ creativity and learning in a varied and wondrous setting. These can include a yoga warm up, investigating and exploring, giant drawing and object handling.

School Workshop: Rainforests

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Pupils can explore the animals, plants and resources found in rainforests around the world.
A tapir eating a watermelon

School Workshop: Who eats who?

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Pupils discover the reasons animals need to eat and the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.