Health and hygiene

Health and Hygiene

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Health and Hygiene Why were people in medieval times so preoccupied with death? Why did medieval monks live so long? What did they eat? How often did they wash? What happened when they were ill? Did they actually know what they were doing?…
Hideous history monks and tudors

Hideous History - Monks and Tudors

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Hideous History - Monks and Tudors Why did Tudor doctors shave chickens’ bottoms? What did monks do with wee? Why were beetles so important in making books? Engage pupils with history and thinking skills by exploring some of the more horrid…
Power and politics

Power and politics

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Power and Politics Develop pupil’s interpretation and enquiry skills by exploring medieval life in the abbey, change over time and the power of the Church. Use the abbey buildings, artefacts, pictures and documentary evidence to appreciate…
What was it like to be a monk

What was it like to be a Monk at Kirkstall Abbey?

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What was it like to be a Monk at Kirkstall Abbey? We will start with a talking timeline covering 850 years with pupils taking on the roles of important people in Kirkstall’s history. We will then investigate a range of local artefacts, clothing,…
Temple Newsam Workshop - A House Fit for a King

A house fit for a King

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A House Fit for a King Find out how life has changed over time for the residents of Temple Newsam House and discover how the wealthy and the servants lived in this lively interactive workshop. Be curious and develop historical vocabulary through…
School children are dressed in period costumes.

Dress to impress

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Dress to Impress This fun interactive session provides a unique opportunity for all to try on replica costume and discover the hidden messages in the material about status, wealth and life in Tudor England. Take part in a costume discovery…