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The Industrial Revolution and the impact on factory workers

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Leeds Industrial Museum provides the stimulus for students to explore the theme of nineteenth century factory reform.
Power and politics

Power and politics

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Develop pupil’s interpretation and enquiry skills by exploring medieval life in the abbey, change over time and the power of the Church.
Three secondary school students are stood in a hall surrounded by classical paintings taking notes on worksheets attached to clipboards

Explorer tours

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Go on an adventure through time and discover secret doors, beautiful bedrooms, glorious galleries and hidden rooms.
Two children are sat on a tractor.

Farm tour

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A two-hour tour of our working farm, during which you can meet some of our traditional and rare-breed animals, learn about the history of this farm and about farming in general.
2 visitors are looking at a portrait wall in an art gallery. The works on display range from classical to contemporary paintings, many of which are bright in colour.

Virtual Classroom: Art Encounters Live

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Enjoy an interactive visit to Leeds Art Gallery and get-up close to artworks featured in our current displays and exhibitions.