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Feathered and bejewelled carnival headdress

Interactive Leeds: EAL groups new to Leeds

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Designed for EAL groups who are new to Leeds. Learn about the city's traditions and cultures with object handling and activities in the Leeds Story gallery.
Long-finned pilot whale skeleton

Sensory Story

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A story with a difference! We bring the story book to life using things you can feel, smell, act out, dance along to and maybe even taste. You choose the theme according to your pupils' interests.
Taxidermy black bear, polar bear and seal in the life on earth gallery at leeds city museum

SEND: Interactive Animal Tour

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Interactive 30 minute tour of the Life on Earth gallery. Children can use feely bags, props, and songs, and share their favourite animal facts as we go!
Egyptian mummy sarcophagus

SEND: Hands-On Egypt

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Pupils can sketch or photograph ancient artefacts, learn about the Ancient Egyptian mummy and get hands on by embalming our large mummification dolls.
A dandelion clock with seeds blowing away in the wind, blue sky background

Plant Life Cycles

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Explore the life cycle of plants from germination to seed dispersal, and cover Key Stage 2 Science objectives in an outdoor setting at Lotherton, observing examples of flowers, fruits and seeds.
A boy wearing a green hoodie looking through oversized binoculars

Estate Explorers

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Become a nature detective and get hands on with local flora and fauna in our outdoor workshop investigating the natural and man-made habitats of the Lotherton estate.