A bat hanging upside down from a branch.

NEW Workshop: Living in the Dark

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Find out how animals live in the dark in this nocturnal schools workshop with Wildlife World at Lotherton.
Rainforest workshop at Lotherton

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Rainforests

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Pupils can explore the animals, plants and resources found in rainforests around the world. Find out more about the Rainforest workshop
Several flamingos standing in a group

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Habitats

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Pupils explore the rainforest, grasslands, and aquatic habitats. What are they like and how do the animals survive there?
An imperial pigeon from the breast upwards

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Classification

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Pupils become ‘mini-zoologists’ during this session as we explore how animals can be grouped by their characteristics.
A tapir eating a watermelon

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Who eats who?

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Pupils discover the reasons animals need to eat and the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
2 visitors are looking at a portrait wall in an art gallery. The works on display range from classical to contemporary paintings, many of which are bright in colour.

Virtual Classroom: Art Encounters Live

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Enjoy an interactive visit to Leeds Art Gallery and get-up close to artworks featured in our current displays and exhibitions.
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