Tag: History


Chimney Sweep Portraits in the Social History Collection

Explore the portraits in our 'Sweepiana' collection of items relating to chimney sweeps with Leila Prescott.

Mary Wood: Dewsbury’s Wool Queen

Uncover the story of Mary Wood, Dewsbury’s Wool Queen from 1931-32, in light of the Queens of Industry exhibition.

Heart of a Lion and the Hands of a Lady: Lord Moynihan of Leeds

Discover the story of the famous Leeds surgeon, Lord Moynihan, who had 'the heart of a lion and the hands of a lady'. 


Chapeltown Word Junction at Leeds Art Gallery

Chapeltown Word Junction 2022 is a one-day take-over of Leeds Art Gallery, organised by Chapeltown Arts in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery.

When a Leeds Girl discovers Art History

Join us for a free talk by Dr Joanne Crawford, art historian and the Head of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.
Jon Sleigh standing against a wall with painted artwork

Art History Festival event with Jon Sleigh

Join us for a free talk and Q&A with Jon Sleigh, arts educator and learning curator. The gallery talk will focus on social justice and the role of art history within the exhibition, drawing attention to key works and themes within the exhibition Shifting Perspectives.