A plywood display board hung on a wall showing details and images for an exhibition on Leeds innovators

Leeds to Innovation Wikithon

Celebrate the amazing innovators featured in our Leeds to Innovation exhibition with a practical Wiki workshop!
Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Bicentenary: Inspiration to Genius

A display marking 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale and her links to Lotherton.
A portrait of Tunagore

Making Japan. Art | Culture | Life

Making Japan is an exhibition about Japanese life, art and culture.
Scrabble letters used to spell out mental health

Open Minds: a display about mental health

Open Minds is a display exploring mental health in Leeds.
An old photograph of people including a lady wearing a dress, the photo has been placed on top of the actual dress worn in the photograph
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Fast x Slow Fashion: Shopping for clothes in Leeds 1720 – 2020

An exhibition exploring the changing shopping trends in Leeds over 300 years.
Contemporary artwork which includes elements of painting and sculpture in muted blue and purple tones

Exhibition: Sara Barker: All Clouds are Clocks, All Clocks are Clouds

The latest special exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery presents a major body of new works from Sara Barker alongside key pieces from the galleries collection that continue to influence her practice.