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Specimens from store 2 at Leeds Discovery Centre

Deadly discoveries in store as secrets of city’s danger room revealed

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A black widow spider found inside a box of supermarket grapes is among the hair-raising discoveries safely stored in Leeds’s hidden danger room. The highly venomous arachnid is one of hundreds of specimens secured inside the unassuming…
Audience Development Officer Sara Merritt looks at a hermarium page from the collections

Botanist’s spectacular collection revealed during night at the museum

Precious plants frozen in time by a blind botanist who identified specimens using his tongue will be explored during a special event in Leeds this week. The work of famed 19th century collector John Grimshaw Wilkinson, a former grocer from…



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Pupils can explore the animals, plants and resources found in rainforests around the world. The workshop also covers climate change, deforestation, and changing habitats.


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Pupils become ‘mini-zoologists’ during this session as we group animals by their characteristics - invertebrates and vertebrates like mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.
Several flamingos standing in a group


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Discover animals living in different habitats in this workshop at Wildlife World. Pupils explore the rainforest and polar habitats. What are they like and how do animals survive there?
A pair of blue shoes standing on a pile of autumn leaves

Signs of The Seasons

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Discover the seasonal changes that take place in nature in this outdoor workshop at Temple Newsam for Early Years and Key Stage One. How do the local animals and plants adapt?