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Science in the workplace

Science in the workplace: Behind the scenes

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Find out about real science in the workplace! See how science is integral to museums from storage to object preservation and cleaning.
Amazing animals

Amazing Animals

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Get up close to animals from around the world. In this workshop pupils will learn about adaptations, habitats and evolution by investigating a variety of birds, insects and exotic animal skeletons before visiting our store, where we keep over 800,000 natural science specimens.
Back to nature

Back to Nature

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See the natural sciences in action! Explore Thwaite Island as a habitat for butterflies and micro-habitats for local wildlife.
Snow animal adventures

Snow animal adventures – available in winter

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How did the Snow Leopard get his spots?  Why does the Polar Bear have such small ears?  How does the Sea Lion keep warm?
Animal Antics

Animal antics at the Museum

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Take a walk on the wild side in our Life on Earth Gallery. Animals and skulls will be brought out especially for you!
Thats not my tiger

That’s not my tiger

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A museum explorer will lead your group on an animal adventure through the arctic, jungle and beyond.