It’s here: our new Primary School Membership scheme! Here’s everything you need to know about the three levels of membership.

Group of 9 students wearing a burgundy uniform at Leeds City Museum. They are all looking to animals in our taxidermy collection on display at the museum.

Group of students looking at a taxidermy display at Leeds City Museum.

Were you part of a club or group when you were young? Do you remember that sense of belonging? The sense of excitement when you did something or went somewhere? We want to foster that sense of community with our local primary schools in Leeds, and beyond.

We know cross-curricular object based arts and cultural learning raises classroom attainment in primary pupils. We know it makes them excited, engaged and ready to learn. It’s been proven!

  • Participation in structured arts and cultural activities can increase cognitive abilities by 17%, meaning they become better at learning to learn
  • Learning through arts and culture improves attainment in Maths and English
  • Students from low-income families who take part in arts and cultural activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree

We are committed to giving as many children as possible access to object learning whether that’s in the classroom or on visits to museums and galleries. We also recognise that teachers’ time is precious, and we want to make systems as streamlined as possible.

Group of 5 students wearing a burgundy uniform at Leeds City Museum. They are all looking to animals in our taxidermy collection on display at the museum.

Group of students studying animals in a taxidermy display at Leeds City Museum.

For years, teachers in the city have wanted a one-stop shop for cultural information and signposting. We have listened and are developing the Leeds Curriculum: a cohesive place-based cultural offer for our pupils. The Leeds Curriculum will provide a one-stop, online resource on There will be 50 stories about Leeds containing the facts (and myths) of the story, links to contemporary issues, hi-res images, films and suggested cross-curricular activities from all our cross-disciplinary cultural partners in the city.

The second key aspect to making arts and culture more accessible to pupils is a simple membership scheme, available for primary schools from September 2018. Membership will give schools access to object loans in the classroom, carefully curated from our collection of 1.3 million objects, as well as workshops at any of our nine museum and gallery sites and CPD packages.

There are three levels of membership:

Bronze:  includes 6 loans boxes

Silver: includes 8 loans boxes, 3 workshops, 1 assembly and preview invites

Gold: includes 8 loans boxes, 4 workshops, 2 assemblies, preview invites and 6hrs teacher CPD

As a member, you will also be able to access additional loans boxes for a fee, giving you the flexibility to support your own classroom work through interactive object learning as much as you like.

All the levels have been developed in consultation with primary teachers in the city, and are based on the services we know people use, or would like to, across Leeds Museums and Galleries and the city.


By Kate Fellows, Lifelong Learning Manager at Leeds Museums and Galleries.