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At Leeds Art Gallery we can deliver exploratory, creative, skills-based learning across many different curriculum areas.

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Gallery and the city

Discover the history of the gallery and its relationship with its city. Cross-curricular art and history workshop for one or both curriculum areas or knowledge of careers in the art world.

A close-up of a hand writing something on a piece of paper with two other people in the background

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11 February 2019

Cultural activists

Issue focused workshop using carefully selected artworks to initiate exploration of culture within the wider world and support reflection on attributes needed to manage growing-up and adulthood.

A group of young people are stood in an art gallery looking at painted portraits hung on a wall

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ARTeam Techniques

Specialist-led workshops to develop and improve skills in a specific arts practice or Arts Award. Options include drawing, painting, conceptual art, music and creative writing.

A group of young adults are sat in an art gallery having a chat in front of some modern artwork on the wall by a staircase

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Take one picture

Practical cross-curricular workshop using learning strategies from the National Gallery’s exciting initiative. Young people and teachers work together to set themselves a creative challenge.

A young girl in an orange long sleeved top is looking at a marble textured sculpture in an art gallery

Super Sensory Sketchbooks

Playful workshop to engage all senses in exploring, making and sharing through immersive experience. Create handmade books or a story, sound or movement.

coloured pencils are sitting in a red pot on a wooden table surrounded by other craft materials

Thinking making

Design technology workshop to understand and solve real design problems, from exhibition organisation and shop products to visitor interactives and bespoke seating.

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Ways of being an art detective

Investigation workshop using looking and thinking to explore artworks in the gallery. Use enquiry and literacy skills to form and share opinions in groups.

Someone is writing on a piece of paper with a black pen. There is various stationary on the table including a pencil case, pens and the paper says Leeds Art Gallery on it

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Picturing design

Creative workshop to develop art skills and confident use of materials and ideas. Artworks in the gallery imagination and experimentation for creative work in small groups.

Virtual Classroom: Art Encounters Live

Enjoy an interactive visit to Leeds Art Gallery and get-up close to artworks featured in our current displays and exhibitions.

2 visitors are looking at a portrait wall in an art gallery. The works on display range from classical to contemporary paintings, many of which are bright in colour.

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16 December 2018