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NEW Workshop: Adaptation Investigators

Discover how animals are adapted to increase their chances of survival, through behavioural or physical/anatomical traits.

Capybara at Wildlife World

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10 September 2021

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Animal Adaptations

Discover how animals are adapted to increase their chances of survival, through behavioural or physical/anatomical traits.

Capybara at Wildlife World

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NEW Workshop: Living in the Dark

Find out how animals live in the dark in this nocturnal schools workshop with Wildlife World at Lotherton.

A bat hanging upside down from a branch.

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21 July 2021

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Rainforests

Pupils can explore the animals, plants and resources found in rainforests around the world. Find out more about the Rainforest workshop

Rainforest workshop at Lotherton

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04 June 2021

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Habitats

Pupils explore the rainforest, grasslands, and aquatic habitats. What are they like and how do the animals survive there?

Several flamingos standing in a group

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Virtual Classroom Workshop: Classification

Pupils become ‘mini-zoologists’ during this session as we explore how animals can be grouped by their characteristics.

An imperial pigeon from the breast upwards

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Virtual Classroom Workshop: Who eats who?

Pupils discover the reasons animals need to eat and the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

A tapir eating a watermelon

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Virtual Classroom: Art Encounters Live

Enjoy an interactive visit to Leeds Art Gallery and get-up close to artworks featured in our current displays and exhibitions.

2 visitors are looking at a portrait wall in an art gallery. The works on display range from classical to contemporary paintings, many of which are bright in colour.

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11 March 2021

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Kirkstall Abbey; hideous history or local legend?

A virtual classroom workshop looking at the history of Kirkstall Abbey and what life was like in medieval and Tudor times.

Kirkstall Abbey

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12 February 2021

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Toys through time

A virtual classroom workshop exploring different toys in our collection with lots of sensory elements.

A brightly coloured wooden bird toy

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10 February 2021

Local History GCSE Tours

Tailor made tours for GCSE students exploring the values, beliefs and attitudes of families who lived at Temple Newsam.

A group of secondary school children standing outside looking at the exterior of the Tudor Temple Newsam House

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17 September 2020

Virtual Classroom: Meet Florence Nightingale

Virtual classroom workshop focussing on the life and history of Florence Nightingale and exploring Victorian objects at Lotherton.

Learning officer at Lotherton dressed as Florence Nightingale

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14 September 2020

Virtual Classroom: Mill Children

Learn all about the mill children of Victorian Britain in our virtual classroom workshop which goes under the ropes and behind the scenes at Leeds Industrial Museum.

A older lady and a young boy in traditional work clothing in a Victorian mill setting with looms in the background

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27 August 2020

Virtual Classroom: Dress to Impress

Virtual classroom workshop focussing on Tudor history through costume and the collections of Temple Newsam House, making contrasts between life then and now.

A young girl is dressed in traditional Tudor costume including head wear and a ruff

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Virtual Classroom: Stone Age to Iron Age

Virtual classroom workshop focussing on Prehistory including Stone Age and Iron Age tools and the way people lived.

A small polished stone Neolithic axe in an antler socket

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20 August 2020

Lotherton Topic Days

We provide activities to inspire your pupils’ creativity and learning in a varied and wondrous setting. These can include a yoga warm up, investigating and exploring, giant drawing and object handling.

Lotherton Topic Days

21 May 2019

Gallery and the city

Cross-curricular workshop bringing together art and history for one or both curriculum areas or knowledge of careers in the art world.

A close-up of a hand writing something on a piece of paper with two other people in the background

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11 February 2019

Cultural activists

Issue focused workshop using carefully selected artworks to initiate exploration of culture within the wider world and support reflection on attributes needed to manage growing-up and adulthood.

A group of young people are stood in an art gallery looking at painted portraits hung on a wall

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ARTeam Techniques

Specialist-led workshops to develop and improve skills in a specific arts practice or Arts Award.

A group of young adults are sat in an art gallery having a chat in front of some modern artwork on the wall by a staircase

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Take one picture

Practical cross-curricular workshop using learning strategies from the National Gallery’s exciting initiative.

A young girl in an orange long sleeved top is looking at a marble textured sculpture in an art gallery

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Super Sensory Sketchbooks

Playful workshop to engage all senses in exploring, making and sharing through immersive experience.

coloured pencils are sitting in a red pot on a wooden table surrounded by other craft materials

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