A young girl is dressed in traditional Tudor costume including head wear and a ruff

Virtual Classroom: Dress to Impress

Step back in time and discover the Tudor history of Temple Newsam House. Join us on a virtual tour, take a look at our portraits and uncover the secrets that lie within them. Find out all about fashion in the 1500’s as we dress a model in our beautiful and ornate Tudor costumes and learn a popular court dance to make contrasts and connections between life then and now.

Virtual classrooms are delivered via Zoom Pro. The Dress to Impress workshop includes:

  • A timeline activity
  • Virtual tours of the house and images of a Tudor room and its key features
  • Images of portraits from the house and insights into the secrets that lie within them
  • Virtual dress-up enabling pupils to discover the titles of Tudor costumes and their key features
  • Two Tudor dance sequences for pupils to participate in or observe
  • Activities based on artefacts and portraits from the Leeds collections

Supporting worksheets and resources will be provided in advance, along with detailed information about what teachers and pupils will need for the workshop.

Time: 1hr 30 mins

Cost: £72