Due to the growing number of Avian Flu cases in the UK, Wildlife World’s Africa walkthrough will be closed for the foreseeable future.

In line with Government guidance, many of our birds must be moved indoors and contact should be limited. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, however, this is a necessary measure to keep our species of birds safe.

Our penguin enclosure will remain open. We ask that all visitors use the foot mats for cleaning shoes and make use of our handwash facilities.

Lotherton Wildlife World

Lotherton’s zoo, Wildlife World, tells the story of the world’s natural heritage. It is a continued development of the original Bird Garden which has been a part of the estate since the 1980s.

Meet playful Humboldt penguins as they splash about in their pool. See flamingos in their habitat and say hello to the resident tapir and capybara.

We invite you to get to know the animals, how they live and what we can do to protect their future.

Wildlife World is located within the grounds of Lotherton. Our opening hours are 10am-5pm from April to the end of October and 10am-4pm until March in line with daylight savings time.

Only assistance dogs are allowed in Wildlife World. You can find out more information about bringing your dog to Lotherton on our dedicated dogs at Lotherton page.

Three penguins


Come along to see our colony of playful Humboldt penguins.

Originally from South America, these penguins make their home on sandy beaches and rocky coastlines and live for up to 25 years.

It is important to help conserve this species because their natural habitat is at risk of being destroyed through harvesting of guano, their nesting material, as fertiliser. Their food source is becoming smaller because of over-fishing in the area and climate change is also having a negative effect.

Our penguins all have very unique personalities, so pick a spot beside the pool to see them waddle, dive and fly through the water for their dinner!

Natural heritage, tales from travels

Lotherton Wildlife World tells the story of our natural heritage, while drawing on the travels of previous owners of the estate, the Gascoignes.

Separated into zones, visitors can learn about pollution, climate change and more in the Coastal Zone; while the Forest Zone tells you about different ecosystems and how they affect animals’ homes.

Wildlife World contributes to conservation initiatives by taking part in European breeding programmes and aims to raise awareness of endangered animals and plant species through an exciting learning and events programme.

Constantly evolving

Inca Tern by a cliff face

As Wildlife World continues to develop over the coming years visitors will see enclosures transformed to enable and encourage more natural behaviour in the birds.

Other animal species will be introduced to provide informative displays that help to tell global conservation stories.

The latest additions to Wildlife World include Maras, Porcupines and Hornbills which are part of our breeding programme.

Games and activities

Arthur the tapir eating a watermelon at Wildlife World

Have a go at our fun quiz and share it with your family and friends! PDF download (1MB).

A mara at Wildlife World

See how much you know about Wildlife World in this more advanced quiz for older kids and grown ups. PDF download (1MB).

Porcupine at Wildlife World

Find out about our Wildlife World offspring in this quiz and share it with your family and friends! PDF download (1MB).


Download our capybara colouring sheet and find out some fun facts about the world’s largest rodent. PDF download (100KB).

A young mara

A colouring sheet with a mara and its young, plus fun facts to share with your friends. PDF download (220KB).

Southern three-banded armadillo

Solve the clues to work out each step of the puzzle and discover the surprise at the end in our Wildlife World escape room! Google Drive folder.

Learn with Wildlife World

If you would like information about booking an exciting school visit to Wildlife World, please visit our Learn page.

a group of penguins

Discover the amazing world of different habitats in this learning worksheet for KS1 students. PDF download (440KB).

A hawk moth

Find out how different species are classed in this learning worksheet for KS2 students. PDF download (1MB).

A rainforest scene

Be immersed in the surroundings of a rainforest using this KS2 learning worksheet. PDF download (2MB).

an emu

Discover how animals change according to where they live and find out why in this worksheet for KS2 students. PDF download (2MB).

Wildlife World Shop

Wildlife World Shop has a huge range of animal themed toys, gifts, souvenirs and more.

From cuddly toys to books about the natural world, and outdoor toys to postcards, the shop is perfect for browsing. Pick up a gift for a loved one or a memento of your day out. The shop also sells a selection of drinks and ice creams.

Lotherton Wildlife World shop with animal themed items on shelves and boxes