Find the artworks mapped out in our Art Quest from the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth to classical paintings housed within the Ziff Gallery.

Ahead of your visit, download our Art Quest and Mindful Creatives activity sheets from this page. Take inspiration from the collections to colour-in some of our most famous pieces back at home.

Art Quest Activity Sheet

Art Quest

Follow the trail to find three artworks on display in Leeds Art Gallery. Explore the galleries, learn about artworks along the way and be inspired.

Utagawa Hiroshige: Higo Province, Go-kanosho

Higo Province Go-Kanosho

‘Go–Kanosho’ is a Ukiyo-e wood block print depicting Japan’s Higo province. It shows a mountain and a large tree bridging a dramatic, deep sided and cloud filled ravine.

Adelsteen Normann: The Sognefjord, Norway

Digital sketch of The Sognefjord, Norway

In Eilert Adelsteen Normann’s painted Nordic landscape, we can see gigantic mountains that act as a backdrop to tiny houses and boats at the water’s edge.

Barbara Hepworth: Configuration (Phira)

Configuration Phira by Hepworth

Inspired by a trip to Greece, and the experience of the light, landscape, ancient art and architecture found there.