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Power and politics

Develop pupil’s interpretation and enquiry skills by exploring medieval life in the abbey, change over time and the power of the Church, using the abbey buildings, artefacts, and evidence.

Schoolchildren in Kirkstall Abbey

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08 February 2019

What was it like to be a Monk at Kirkstall Abbey?

A talking timeline covering 850 years with pupils taking on the roles of important people in Kirkstall’s history.

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Maths at the Monastery

Experience practical maths in action! A range of simple methods and equipment will be used to estimate and calculate length, area and height.

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Hideous History – Monks and Tudors

Why did Tudor doctors shave chickens’ bottoms? What did monks do with wee? Why were beetles so important in making books?

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Health and Hygiene

Why were people in medieval times so preoccupied with death? Why did medieval monks live so long? What did they eat? How often did they wash? What happened when they were ill?

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Why is Kirkstall Abbey important?

When was Kirkstall Abbey was built? Who lived here? Why is it so big? And why is it still important today? Explore the ruins with fun activities.

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If stones could speak

Fun practical activities including puppets, art rubbings and dressing up help pupils to understand the different materials used in old buildings and how buildings change over time.

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‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ story sack

Share the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle with puppets, laminated food and a hungry caterpillar dressing up outfit.

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Arty in the Abbey

This session is full of fun art activities designed to help pupils to understand and explore our wonderful ruins, including making rubbings, sketching, calligraphy and illuminated letters.

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05 February 2019

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Kirkstall Abbey; hideous history or local legend?

A virtual classroom workshop looking at the history of Kirkstall Abbey and what life was like in medieval and Tudor times.

Kirkstall Abbey

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16 December 2018

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