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At Abbey House Museum we can help you deliver diverse and original skills-based learning across many different curriculum areas.

Our Learning Team offer a range of themed packages linked to the National Curriculum or standard activities such as social history.

Use the search function on this page to see the range of current workshops at Abbey House Museum.

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Abbey House Bear Hunt

Led by our bear hunter your class will explore the Victorian Streets, following the paw prints to discover what Albert the bear has been up to in the museum including Victorian washing and playing hopscotch.

Bear hunt

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05 February 2019

Abbey House Murder Mystery

Mr Sellit has been found dead in our Victorian Streets, covered in clues.

Murder mystery

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08 February 2019

Topics through time – Comparing Queens

Compare the lives of two remarkable women: our current Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria.

Comparing Queens workshop

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Topics through time – Going to the Seaside

Compare seaside holidays today with those in the recent past and those taken a long time ago by examining a range of objects and photos.

Going to the Seaside

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Topics through time – Houses and Homes

How heavy is a flat iron? How long did it take to wash clothes before washing machines were invented?

Houses and Homes

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Topics through time – Toys and games

Your class will get to see and handle a range of old and new toys and discover how differently children played in the past.

Toys and games

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Nursery Rhyme Time

The Baker’s Wife will help your class to follow Gerald the gingerbread man’s clues to find nursery rhymes hidden around our Victorian Streets.

Nursery rhyme time

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What was it like to live here 100 years ago?

What was life like for ordinary people in Yorkshire 100 years ago? What did people do for a living?

What was life like 100 years ago workshop

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Christmas Toys and Games

What toys did children get in their stockings in the past? What did it mean if you got coal in your stocking?

Christmas toys and games


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