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Life on Earth

The Leeds Story

Special Exhibition: Fast x Slow Fashion

Get close to amazing animals, uncover buried archaeological treasures and discover the incredible story of Leeds history. Leeds City Museum hosts two changing exhibitions per year, along with exciting events for everyone to take part in.

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Life on Earth

The story of how the natural world is more astonishing than you ever thought.

Life on Earth is home to some of the most remarkable specimens in Leeds’s collection of 800,000 animals, vegetables and minerals. From fearsome tigers to prehistoric beasts, rainbow-feathered birds and fascinating fossils, there’s so much to discover.

Life on Earth is located on the lower ground floor of the museum.

Person looking at insects on display

The Collectors Cabinet

Investigate the varied collections of Leeds Museums & Galleries in the Collectors Cabinet.

This gallery tells the story of collecting in Leeds from 1700 onwards.

Don’t miss our impressive heavy-footed Moa skeleton, once one of the largest birds ever to roam the earth.

The Collectors Cabinet is located on the first floor of the museum.

Large flightless bird skeleton from neck upwards

World View: Voices of Asia

Explore Asian culture and Leeds’ links with the world’s largest continent in this fascinating gallery.

A gallery celebrating the sights, sounds and diversity of the Asian communities in the city.

Journey through our themed displays to discover a changing selection from some of the 6000+ Asian items in Leeds Museums & Galleries collections.

The World View: Voices of Asia gallery is located on the first floor of the museum.

East Asian exhibition items on display

The Leeds Story

Discover the fascinating history of Leeds including our surprising inventions, sporting accolades and incredible textile heritage.

From the first archaeological finds to changing displays reflecting people’s lives in the city today, Leeds is a city of stories. Find out how Leeds has shaped, and been shaped by, its landscape and people.

The Leeds Story gallery is located on the second floor of the museum.

Old Leeds adverts, beer mats and playing cards

Ancient Worlds

Find out how the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks lived their lives and paved the way for the world as we know it in the Ancient Worlds gallery.

Visit the final resting place of Nesyamun, the 3000 year old Leeds Mummy, and the only known mummy known to hail from the 20th Dynasty. Discover clues to the past in art and architecture, objects in the earth, ancient writing and burials.

The Ancient Worlds gallery is located on the third floor of the museum.

Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

Fast x Slow Fashion

Step into our fashion house and discover how our relationship with shopping has changed in Fast x Slow Fashion.

Spanning 300 years, this exhibition explores how shopping in Leeds has transformed in both its scale and the way it’s consumed. Find out how the ‘slow’ fashion of the past became ‘fast’ in a world of mass production, changing trends and lower prices.

We take a look at how handmade, recycled and pre-loved fashion has made a resurgence in an age of Climate Change Action. And we consider what our history of textile production and trade in Leeds can tell us about the future of shopping.

Fast x Slow Fashion is located on the third floor of the museum.

A photo of women dressed for an event, the photo is on top of the dress featured in the picture
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