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Sensory Story

A story with a difference! We bring the story book to life using things you can feel, smell, act out, dance along to and maybe even taste. You choose the theme according to your pupils’ interests.

Long-finned pilot whale skeleton

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21 November 2023

SEND: Hands-On Egypt

Pupils can sketch or photograph ancient artefacts, learn about the Ancient Egyptian mummified person and get hands on by embalming our large mummification dolls.

Egyptian mummy sarcophagus

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Leonora Cohen, the Leeds Suffragette

Evaluate archive sources to discover Leonora, the Leeds Suffragette. Do different sources show us different versions of the past?

Leonora Cohen

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09 February 2019

Life in Asia

Handle Asian artefacts and journey through the Voices of Asia gallery. Search for Chinese lion heads and Indian jewellery, dress up and beat the bhangra drums.

Voices of Asia gallery at Leeds City Museum

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Use metal detectors to discover Leeds’ Anglo-Saxon gold jewellery, search for evidence of Christian conversion on stone crosses, and discover Northumbrian kings on tiny coins.

A photograph of 5 ornate gold rings. The middle one is the largest, and has a ruby in the middle.

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Ancient Worlds: Romans

Are you ready for a Roman quest in Yorkshire? Experience the ‘Romanisation’ of Britain by delving into the past, handling real Roman objects and using evidence to find the Romans in Yorkshire.

Details from the wolf and twins mosaic at Leeds City Museum showing a smiling wolf with twin babies

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Chronology: Local history treasure hunt

Develop chronological understanding with a difference! Pupils become the heads of a giant timeline, from Stone Age to modern day.

A silver badge with the word 'Leeds' on a blue background and an engraving of a tram

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Ancient Worlds: Greeks

This popular workshop delves into our archaeology collections. Immerse your class in the achievements of this civilization by coming face-to-face with Ancient Greek pottery and riches.

A schoolchild looking at a model of an ancient Greek temple in the Ancient Worlds gallery at Leeds City Museum

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08 February 2019

Snow animal adventures – available in winter

A museum explorer will lead your group on an animal adventure through the arctic and beyond. Search for clues with binoculars and identify snow animals.

School children wearing animal headbands

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Animal antics at the Museum

Take a walk on the wild side and get up close to our natural science displays. Animals and skulls will be brought out especially for you!

Animal Antics

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That’s not my tiger

A museum explorer will lead your group on an animal adventure through the arctic, jungle and beyond. Children search for clues with binoculars and find the missing tiger!

Schoolchildren with an animal puppet

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Ancient Worlds: Ancient Egyptians

This popular workshop explores our archaeology collections. Go on an action-packed adventure where pupils step into the mummified person, Nesyamun, seek real Ancient Egyptian treasures and mummify Suny the Egyptian boy.

Golden Egyptian mummy sarcophagus

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