Film at Abbey House Museum

Abbey House Museum is a Victorian Museum in Leeds with authentically recreated 19th century streets which include examples of shops, homes and workplaces.

The Museum is an ideal filming location for period dramas, documentaries and Victorian era programmes.

The core of Abbey House was originally the inner gatehouse of Kirkstall Abbey, founded in 1152. When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries the gatehouse was blocked at either end and became a house.

Since then the house has been a farmhouse and also the home of the Butler family, the owners of Kirkstall Forge. In 1926 Leeds City Council bought Abbey House and subsequently converted the building into a museum. The three Victorian streets, Abbey Fold, Harewood Square, and Stephen Harding Gate were created in the 1950s and provide a glimpse of life in 1880s Leeds.

We are very happy for prospective filmmakers and photographers to arrange a viewing on request.

Previous recordings include Celebrity Carols at Christmas (Channel 5), Most Haunted (Really & UKTV), and Murder, Mystery and My Family (BBC).

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