A older lady and a young boy in traditional work clothing in a Victorian mill setting with looms in the background

Virtual Classroom: Mill Children

Join us on a virtual tour of Leeds Industrial Museum and go behind the scenes to see spaces in the hidden depths of what was once the worlds largest woolen mill! The Mills Gaffer will be your guide for the day as we find out about the life of children working in a Victorian textile mill. What did a doffer do? Who would be a scavenger? What did a filler fill? Find out about all of this and a whole load more in our interactive workshop using real places, machines and objects from the Leeds industrial collection.

Virtual classrooms are delivered via Zoom Pro. The Mill Children workshop includes:

  • A virtual tour of behind the scenes spaces and places at Armley Mills
  • The opportunity to see museum artefacts come to life, working with the tools needed to turn raw materials into the finished product

Supporting worksheets and resources will be provided in advance, along with detailed information about what teachers and pupils will need for the workshop.

Time: 1hr

Cost: £50