Operating between the boundary of sculpture, painting and drawing, Barker’s work incorporates a combination of industrial and sculptural materials together with collage, painting and craft techniques, to create a unique form which has the power to draw viewers into a curious spatial imagination. She is interested in how space exists in our minds, in literature and in our memories.

This exhibition brings together a selection of new ‘tray-trench’ work in conversation with existing works made over the last decade. The artist has also made a selection of paintings and sculpture from the Leeds Art Gallery Collection, displayed in conversation with her work.


The exhibition title refers to rigour versus freedom in scientific and creative methods alike. Importantly for Barker, it is about the parameters necessary to make her art, juxtaposing rigid crafted metalwork with gestural and less predictable painterly surfaces. Clocks represent a neat and orderly system of measuring time imposed by humankind, as opposed to clouds, which are by their very nature disorderly, irregular and unpredictable.

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