2021 marks 200 years of Leeds Museums & Galleries.

To celebrate the last 200 years as as a civic museum service, we’ve been working with volunteers and communities in Leeds on a programme of events and an exhibition.

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200th Birthday visitor feedback

The history of Leeds Museums & Galleries

a timeline


Leeds City Museum
3 Sept 2021 – 9 Jan 2022

An exhibition celebrating our 200th birthday will open at Leeds City Museum on 3 September.

We have worked closely with volunteers and partners to explore themes and objects which represent the history of Leeds and our museum service. On display is only a surface-level view of our collective history and we hope it provides an insight into where we’ve come from and who we are today.

You will also be able to see a timeline of Leeds Museums & Galleries from its beginnings in 1821 in the Brodrick Hall.

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Practically Theatre

Inventions and innovation

Practically Theatre is a theatre group for performers with learning difficulties and disabilities. Since April 2020, they have moved to online sessions and created a film responding to the Leeds to Innovation exhibition at Leeds Industrial Museum, in celebration of 200 years of Leeds Museums & Galleries.

The project involved online and offline workshops to develop the films, which will become part of the Leeds To Innovation display. This project was funded by the Leeds Inspired small grants scheme.

The two films created by the group are now available to view online, by clicking the buttons below. One was created by an adult group, the other by a young persons group. To access each, please use the password invent when prompted by vimeo.

50 Objects

city-wide poster campaign

Earlier this year we asked the people of Leeds to tell us their favourite objects in our collection. We used the responses on a poster campaign across the city.

Explore the objects and find out more about the campaign.

A chambered nautilus shell

I first saw one of these on Planet Earth and remember them only eating once a month, poor things.

David, Chambered Nautilus (Nautilus pompilius)

Lesbian Line knitting pattern

I love it because it shows a museum that cares about celebrating inclusivity and the spectrum of sexuality. It gives you such a picture of the 1980’s and is a lovely piece of social history.

Hazel, Lesbian Line exclusive knitting pattern, 1980s

Leeds Fireclay company bowl - A blue and green ceramic bowl

Maybe too fancy for my morning porridge!

Jefferey, Leeds Fireclay Company Ltd. bowl, 1890-1899

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