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Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Visions of the Ultimate

An introduction to meditative explorations of "emptiness" in Buddhist traditions - suitable for practitioners drawn to "insight" meditation.
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Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Higher States of Conciousness in Buddhism

This session will explore the map of the dhyanas - higher states of absorption and happiness in the Buddhist tradition.
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Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Exploring Equanimity

Join us to explore equanimity, a deeply stabilised loving kindness that can negotiate the ups and downs of relationships and life in general.
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Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Exploring Happiness and Self Nurturing

How can we find happiness in meditation? Join us to explore the subtlety of pleasure and how we can connect to a self nurturing practice.
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Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Enhancing Positive Emotion

Exploring meditation themed in loving kindness, self nurturing and self compassion, suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners.

Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Women’s Practice Day I

As part of Leeds Mindfulness festival we invite you to join us for a day of mindfulness and meditation practice designed especially for women.