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a woman gestures at an artwork while people gather round and watch

Leeds Writing its Way: A Spoken Word and Songwriting Workshop

Join writer and performer Rommi Smith & musician and composer Christella Litras to create poetry and song in response to Sonia Boyce’s exhibition.
lego lighthouse, lighthouse keeper, and person rowing a boat

Lego Spike – Coding Up a Storm

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Come and celebrate the legacy of Leeds's lighthouse-building, star-gazing, water-wheeling engineer John Smeaton, with a Lego Spike challenge!
Two people's hands and a big pile of lego

Ingenious Engineery Lego

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This half term, be inspired by civil engineering and come along to these family Lego workshops combining building and racing.

Tape, Ping Pong ball and Footstep: A workshop in improvisation with Ryoko Akama

Join sound artist and composer Ryoko Akama for a free workshop exploring improvisation as a form of creative play, in connection with ‘Sonia Boyce: Feeling Her Way’.
a hat made out of peacock feathers

Halloween Hats

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Come and create your very own stylish historic hat inspired by the many amazing hats from throughout history at Leeds Discovery Centre.
colourful geometric pattern

Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Women’s Practice Day II

In this session, Firdaws Khan, Islamic & Sufi Practitioner introduces Sufism in a session especially designed for women.