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Mill children

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Pupils will be given jobs that children would have carried out in the mill and be able to experience what it might have been like to live, dress and work as a child during the height of the Industrial Revolution.
Education and learning

Victorian Schoolroom

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Immerse pupils in a Living History experience to discover what life was really like for children in the past in Victorian Britain. Pupils will be in costume and in role.
View of a Victorian classroom with wooden desks and traditional furniture

1916 Schoolroom ‘Over by Christmas’

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We look to understand the impact of First World War on children's school lives in Leeds, as participants experience school education in 1916.
Victorian street at Abbey House Museum

Abbey House Murder Mystery

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Mr Sellit has been found dead in our Victorian Streets, covered in clues. Working with a Victorian detective, can your pupils use thinking skills to solve the clues and crack the case?

Topics through time – Houses and Homes

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How heavy is a flat iron? How long did it take to wash clothes before washing machines were invented? Did Victorians have vacuum cleaners?
Comparing Queens workshop

Topics through time – Comparing Queens

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Compare the lives of two remarkable women: Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. Find out about their childhoods, coronations, and jubilee celebrations.