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Florence Nightingale workshop at Lotherton

Introducing Florence Nightingale and her friends

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Meet the young Florence Nightingale, cousin to the Gascoigne family of Lotherton.
A little girl dressed in Victorian maids costume setting a table with crystal ware

Victorians at Temple Newsam

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Learn all about Queen Victoria and her friend Emily Meynell Ingram, who lived at Temple Newsam House.
What did the Victorians do at Thwaite Watermill

What did the Victorians do at Thwaite Watermill?

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Follow the lives of the family, the servants and the workers of Thwaite Watermill as the production of putty becomes more mechanised.
Celebrate Christmas with the Horne family

Celebrate Christmas with the Horne family

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Become a servant for the Horne family for the day and help them to celebrate a Victorian Christmas at Thwaite Watermill.

The Industrial Revolution and the impact on factory workers

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Leeds Industrial Museum provides the stimulus for students to explore the theme of nineteenth century factory reform.


A 19th century image of Park Row in Leeds

From town to city: building 19th Century Leeds

Come and join our curatorial team for an expert talk and an exclusive chance to look at our collection of ephemera relating to the built environment of 19th Century Leeds. Learn how this town grew through the industrial revolution to become a grand Victorian city.