Light waves
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Light waves: The colour of nature

Light waves: The colour of nature Explore some of the properties of light through experiments. Construct a spectroscope to examine white light. Students will use a spectrometer to measure colour properties of a number of bird skin specimens…
Canals, can water travel uphill
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Canals: Can water travel uphill?

Canals: Can water travel uphill? Why did we need canals in the past? How do locks work? Can you make water travel uphill? Explore water resistance, levers, gears and locks, experiment with our mini canal network, and record observations using…
Renewable energy
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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Can we make Thwaite Watermill energy sustainable? Explore water, wind and solar power and how they can generate electricity. Pupils will record their observations on experimental record sheets using tables, graphs and diagrams…
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Waterforce! A green energy source

Waterforce! A green energy source Explore the mill to discover how water wheels work and discuss forces, then build working working model waterwheels, evaluate them on a test rig and explore the use of dynamos to generate electricity.
Machines in Motion
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Machines in motion

Machines in Motion Explore the mill and find simple machines (gears, levers and pulleys) in our mill. Pupils will investigate how they work and in groups will create their own simple machine.
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Wonders of weaving

Wonders of weaving Research the textile process from raw fleece to the finished garment all under one roof.  Pupils will be able to learn about the properties of wool and try carding, spinning and weaving and create a woven masterpiece to…