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Beavers to Weavers: The Wonderful World of Animal Makers

Discover the message behind Leeds City Museum's latest exhibition, about what animals do and how they live their lives.
A woodblock printed with a colourful image of a goddess sitting on a lotus flower, with children gazing up at her.

Lotus Flowers in Leeds

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With the summer in full swing and flowers in full bloom, Libo Zhu explores the symbolism and histories behind the Chinese Lotus artefacts in our World Cultures collection.
A small brown ball covered in leaves - you can just see the inside, which looks soft and fluffy.

A Springtime Walk: Exploring our Natural Environment

Curator of Natural Sciences Rebecca Machin takes us on a walking tour to explore the delicate balance of springtime, in light of the "For All Seasons" exhibition at Leeds City Museum.


A young boy is stood outside a house looking through some binoculars

The Great Thwaite Bird Count!

Grab a nature pack and learn all about the birdlife on our tiny island paradise.
A waterwheel in action

Earth Energies

Created by Paul Ratcliff and Darren Wall, this 8 minute film features high quality audio recordings of the wildlife and machinery at Thwaite Watermill accompanied by images and animations.
bats flying against an orange sky

Bat walk

Join us for a natural history talk and quiz followed by a guided walk with bat detectors through the historic estate.