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The Bird Egg Collection

Claire Miles explores our LMG's Bird Egg collection during her placement with our Natural Sciences Collection.
A small brown ball covered in leaves - you can just see the inside, which looks soft and fluffy.

A Springtime Walk: Exploring our Natural Environment

Curator of Natural Sciences Rebecca Machin takes us on a walking tour to explore the delicate balance of springtime, in light of the "For All Seasons" exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

Museums and extinct species

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Natural science collections contain some of the huge biodiversity on our planet, including rare and extinct species.

Treasures of the Herbarium Collection

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We look after a beautiful collection of Herbarium sheets, containing stunning specimens of plants through time.

Why Do Kiwis Produce Massive Eggs?

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Kiwis produce the largest relative eggs of any bird. Discover what effect this has on their species.