Tag: Natural Science


Beavers to Weavers: The Wonderful World of Animal Makers

Discover the message behind Leeds City Museum's latest exhibition, about what animals do and how they live their lives.

The Bird Egg Collection

Claire Miles explores our LMG's Bird Egg collection during her placement with our Natural Sciences Collection.
A small brown ball covered in leaves - you can just see the inside, which looks soft and fluffy.

A Springtime Walk: Exploring our Natural Environment

Curator of Natural Sciences Rebecca Machin takes us on a walking tour to explore the delicate balance of springtime, in light of the "For All Seasons" exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

Museums and extinct species

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Natural science collections contain some of the huge biodiversity on our planet, including rare and extinct species.

Treasures of the Herbarium Collection

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We look after a beautiful collection of Herbarium sheets, containing stunning specimens of plants through time.

Why Do Kiwis Produce Massive Eggs?

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Kiwis produce the largest relative eggs of any bird. Discover what effect this has on their species.