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Lotherton Workshop - Introducing Florence Nightingale and her friends

Introducing Florence Nightingale and her friends

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Meet the young Florence Nightingale, cousin to the Gascoigne family of Lotherton.
Bear hunt

Abbey House Bear Hunt

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Led by our bear hunter your class will explore the Victorian Streets, following the paw prints to discover what Albert the bear has been up to in the museum including Victorian washing and playing hopscotch.
Two schoolchildren role playing as part of a WW2 workshop at Lotherton

The First World War Hospital at Lotherton

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Discover the local history of Lotherton as a Voluntary Aid Detachment hospital during the First World War.
Kirkstall Abbey

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Kirkstall Abbey; hideous history or local legend?

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A virtual classroom workshop looking at the history of Kirkstall Abbey and what life was like in medieval and Tudor times.