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Wh is Kirkstall Abbey important

Why is Kirkstall Abbey important?

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When was Kirkstall Abbey was built? Who actually lived here? Why is it so big? And why is it still important today?
What was life like 100 years ago workshop

What was it like to live here 100 years ago?

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What was life like for ordinary people in Yorkshire 100 years ago? What did people do for a living?
Houses and Homes

Topics through time – Houses and Homes

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How heavy is a flat iron? How long did it take to wash clothes before washing machines were invented?
Comparing Queens workshop

Topics through time – Comparing Queens

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Compare the lives of two remarkable women: our current Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria.
Three secondary school students are stood in a hall surrounded by classical paintings taking notes on worksheets attached to clipboards

Explorer tours

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Go on an adventure through time and discover secret doors, beautiful bedrooms, glorious galleries and hidden rooms.