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Mill children

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Pupils will be given jobs that children would have carried out in the mill and be able to experience what it might have been like to live, dress and work as a child during the height of the Industrial Revolution.
Education and learning

Victorian Schoolroom

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Immerse pupils in a Living History experience to discover what life was really like for children in the past in Victorian Britain.
View of a Victorian classroom with wooden desks and traditional furniture

1916 Schoolroom ‘Over by Christmas’

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In our First World War schoolroom we look to understand the impact the First World War had on children's school lives in Leeds, as participants experience the formality of school education in 1916.
What was it like to be a monk

What was it like to be a Monk at Kirkstall Abbey?

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We will start with a talking timeline covering 850 years with pupils taking on the roles of important people in Kirkstall’s history.
Hideous history monks and tudors

Hideous History – Monks and Tudors

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Why did Tudor doctors shave chickens’ bottoms? What did monks do with wee? Why were beetles so important in making books?
Health and hygiene

Health and Hygiene

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Why were people in medieval times so preoccupied with death? Why did medieval monks live so long? What did they eat?