A photograph of 5 ornate gold rings. The middle one is the largest, and has a ruby in the middle.


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Use metal detectors to discover Leeds’ Anglo-Saxon gold jewellery, search for evidence of Christian conversion on stone crosses, and discover Northumbrian kings on tiny coins.

Chronology: Local history treasure hunt

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Develop chronological understanding with a difference! Pupils become the heads of a giant timeline, from Stone Age to modern day.
Life in Asia

Life in Asia

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Handle Asian artefacts and journey through the Voices of Asia gallery.
View of a Victorian classroom with wooden desks and traditional furniture

1916 Schoolroom ‘Over by Christmas’

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In our First World War schoolroom we look to understand the impact the First World War had on children's school lives in Leeds, as participants experience the formality of school education in 1916.

Calling Leeds evacuees

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Immerse pupils in a Living History experience to discover what life was really like for children during the Second World War.