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A clay sculpture of grey torsos attached to each other, and different coloured hands coming out of the sleeves

Jill McKnight: Desire Lines commission with Leeds Art Gallery and the British Library

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Artist Jill McKnight describes the process behind creating the Desire Lines exhibition, influenced by Leeds Art Gallery’s collection and the British Library's sound archive.


A sculpture and paintings by Jill McKnight on display in Leeds Art Gallery

Drawing Sound with Jill McKnight

Join artist Jill McKnight for a relaxed listening and drawing workshop in the gallery.
Film equipment including headphones, a clapper board and jack cable against a white background

Easter school holidays: Finding extra-ordinary people

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Pick-up a family trail and find film characters in the artworks on display. Held in association with Leeds Young Film.
A surreal hat inspired by Eileen Agar made from straw, shells and other natural materials

Eileen Agar: Surreal Hat Making

Take a closer look at Eileen Agar's 'Ceremonial hat for eating Bouillabaisse' to inspire your own surreal hat making in this creative, relaxing workshop.
©Estate of Eileen Agar

Eileen Agar and Surrealism

Join esteemed art historian Frances Spalding for her talk ‘Eileen Agar and Surrealism’.
An abstract painting in bright colours by Eileen Agar

Talk Series: Curator Laura Smith on Eileen Agar

Join us for a live talk with curator Laura Smith, who curated the Eileen Agar exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery.