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What have the Romans ever done for us

What have the Romans ever done for us?

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Pupils will explore how the Romans lived day to day in Britain by handling artefacts from Dalton Parlours, a Roman villa near Wetherby, and investigate the legacy they left behind.
Rocks and fossils

Rocks and Fossils

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Where do rocks come from? How are rocks classified? What are fossils and where are they found?
Science in the workplace

Science in the workplace: Behind the scenes

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Find out about real science in the workplace! See how science is integral to museums from storage to object preservation and cleaning.
Amazing animals

Amazing Animals

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Get up close to animals from around the world. In this workshop pupils will learn about adaptations, habitats and evolution by investigating a variety of birds, insects and exotic animal skeletons before visiting our store, where we keep over 800,000 natural science specimens.
Get inspired

Get inspired!

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We have over one million inspirational objects covering dress and textiles, world cultures, archaeology, geology, social history and natural history.
Leonora Cohen

Leonora Cohen, the Leeds Suffragette

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Evaluate archive sources to discover Leonora, the Leeds Suffragette. Do different sources show us different versions of the past?