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A young girl in an orange long sleeved top is looking at a marble textured sculpture in an art gallery

Take one picture

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Practical cross-curricular workshop using learning strategies from the National Gallery’s exciting initiative. Young people and teachers work together to set themselves a creative challenge.
coloured pencils are sitting in a red pot on a wooden table surrounded by other craft materials

Super Sensory Sketchbooks

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Playful workshop to engage all senses in exploring, making and sharing through immersive experience. Create handmade books or a story, sound or movement.

Thinking making

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Design technology workshop to understand and solve real design problems, from exhibition organisation and shop products to visitor interactives and bespoke seating.
Someone is writing on a piece of paper with a black pen. There is various stationary on the table including a pencil case, pens and the paper says Leeds Art Gallery on it

Ways of being an art detective

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Investigation workshop using looking and thinking to explore artworks in the gallery. Use enquiry and literacy skills to form and share opinions in groups.

Picturing design

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Creative workshop to develop art skills and confident use of materials and ideas. Artworks in the gallery imagination and experimentation for creative work in small groups.

Wonders of weaving

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Research the textile process from raw fleece to the finished garment all under one roof. Learn about the properties of wool and try carding, spinning and weaving and create a woven masterpiece to take home.