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Detail of the sleeve and top half of a white ball gown

Silhouettes & Shapewear

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Explore the dos and don'ts of showing off your body in the 1800s.
Dried maize on a herbarium sheet

Rooted in History: Zea Mays

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Corn is more than just a food. Discover its many uses and fascinating history, explored through the herbarium specimens in the Leeds collection.


A father with his son pointing at ceramic bowls laid on a table in a classroom environment

Easter Holidays: Ancient Egypt

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Explore our fascinating Ancient Egyptian artefacts, followed by fun Egyptian themed crafts and take a tour of the store too!
fossilised shells

Easter Holidays: Fantastic Fossils

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Get up close to our fantastic fossil collection and become a palaeontologist for the day. Make your own fossils and take a tour of the store too!
A sculpture by Jill McKnight with brightly coloured arms reaching out

Jill McKnight: Desire Lines

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The voices, stories and songs of generations of Leeds residents have inspired a thought-provoking new exhibition from local artist Jill McKnight.
Work on paper by Leeds artist Phil May

Phil May Portrait Project: Laughs and Sorrows

Join us in the gallery or online as we decipher Phil May's portrait in collaboration with local communities.