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Specimens from store 2 at Leeds Discovery Centre

Deadly discoveries in store as secrets of city’s danger room revealed

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A black widow spider found inside a box of supermarket grapes is among the hair-raising discoveries safely stored in Leeds’s hidden danger room. The highly venomous arachnid is one of hundreds of specimens secured inside the unassuming…


A dandelion clock with seeds blowing away in the wind, blue sky background

Plant Life Cycles

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Explore the life cycle of plants, from germination to seed dispersal, and cover Key Stage 2 Science objectives in an outdoor setting on the Temple Newsam estate.

Nature Detectives

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Become a nature detective and get hands on with habitats in this school workshop at Lotherton.


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Pupils can explore the animals, plants and resources found in rainforests around the world.
An imperial pigeon from the breast upwards


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Pupils become ‘mini-zoologists’ during this session as we explore how animals can be grouped by their characteristics.
Several flamingos standing in a group


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Pupils explore the rainforest and the polar habitats. What are they like and how do the animals there survive?