How to promote events on social media

Posting about events can be tricky one, because it can feel like we really need to push events and post lots and lots to make people come – so it’s a hard sell to say ‘post less but better’.

Ideally, your events programme will be set up and planned and all of your events will be online at least a month in advance. That’s not always the case, but have the framework for the ideal sorted and then you’ll find it easier to mitigate against last minute things.

Framework for events posting

1.Make sure the event is live on the what’s on section of our website, and make sure the image is representative.

2. Only then, post on social media. Don’t change your tone of voice!

eg. just sipping our tea this morning thinking about how much we’d like this to be a beer, in the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey. As luck would have it! Link: tag in appropriate partners.

3. Use Linktree on Instagram to link to more information about your event.

4. Don’t ever post more than 1 post in a row about your event: spread them out, and make sure the content and the image is different every time – like a meeting with an artist you’re about to work with, then a short video of someone hanging up the decorations for a preview.

Not: Come to this event at this time

Instead: Here’s Meg, prepping the bubbly for tonight’s preview

5. If your event hasn’t sold as many tickets as you were hoping, speak to the audience development team about any paid advertising that can be done. Boost posts are ineffective, and we should focus on adverts to reach our audience. 

6. Think about what other digital channels you can use, rather than just pushing on social media – make it a rounded campaign by surfacing it on relevant pages of our website, and include it in an email newsletter slot. Again, speak to the Aud Dev team about this.  

7. Take photos at the event, or ask someone there to! If that’s not possible, make sure that how to share posts is visible to your guests. This will be really useful for future promotions, if the event is likely to happen again. 

Linktree is a website we use to centralise all of our links on Instagram. It means we can list lots of different events, application pages, podcast episodes – all in one ‘link in our bio’.

The key to events posting is not to fall into the trap of only asking followers to do things involving your event.