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At Lotherton we can help you deliver diverse, creative, skills-based learning across many different curriculum areas.

Workshops and Guided Tours

You can contact us about in-person and virtual workshops at Lotherton Hall Museum and Wildlife World by completing a general enquiry form below.

If you would like to enhance your visit into Wildlife World, our zoo education officer is able to offer your group a guided tour and/or a workshop to link in with your topic at school.

We also have a range of virtual classroom workshops available to enable you to learn with objects and animals without leaving the classroom.

Online learning resources

Looking for museum engagement in your classroom? Search digital workshops, free recovery curriculum resources and MyLearning.org for our virtual offer.

Learn with Wildlife World

Arthur the tapir at Wildlife World

Our expanding animal collection in Wildlife World lends itself well to National Curriculum topics such as habitats, adaptations and classification. We have penguins, flamingos, tapirs, porcupines, a nocturnal house and much more! Each animal enclosure has interpretation signs providing you varying depths of information.

See our virtual classroom workshop options, our choice of on-site workshops listed below, or pop us an email at [email protected] to find out more.

COVID-19 Information

Please visit our reopening page  to view our on-site measures in place for Covid-19. Face coverings are advised when visiting any of our indoor areas.

Make a booking

Our Learning Team offer a range of themed packages linked to the National Curriculum using our collections and stories to enhance all styles of learning.

Please contact us for further information or to make a booking.



0113 378 2959

(10am – 4pm)


Entry for Leeds LA schools: Free

Entry for non-Leeds LA schools: £1 per pupil

Under 5s: Free

Additional charges for Wildlife World educational activities:

Workshop or guided tour (45 minutes): £45 per class

Workshop and guided tour (90 minutes in total): £75 per class


Use our learning search to explore our range of learning opportunities

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Virtual Classroom Workshop: Habitats

Pupils explore the rainforest, grasslands, and aquatic habitats. What are they like and how do the animals survive there?

Several flamingos standing in a group

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16 December 2018

Virtual Classroom Workshop: Classification

Pupils become ‘mini-zoologists’ during this session as we explore how animals can be grouped by their characteristics.

An imperial pigeon from the breast upwards

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Virtual Classroom Workshop: Who eats who?

Pupils discover the reasons animals need to eat and the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

A tapir eating a watermelon

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Virtual Classroom Workshop: Animal Adaptations

Discover how animals are adapted to increase their chances of survival, through behavioural or physical/anatomical traits.

Capybara at Wildlife World

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Virtual Classroom: Meet Florence Nightingale

Virtual classroom workshop focussing on the life and history of Florence Nightingale and exploring Victorian objects at Lotherton.

Learning officer at Lotherton dressed as Florence Nightingale

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