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Virtual Classroom: Stone Age to Iron Age

Virtual classroom workshop focussing on Prehistory including Stone Age and Iron Age tools and the way people lived.

A small polished stone Neolithic axe in an antler socket

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20 August 2020

Amazing Animals

Get up close to animals from around the world. In this workshop pupils will learn about adaptations, habitats and evolution by investigating a variety of birds, insects and exotic animal skeletons before visiting our store, where we keep over 800,000 natural science specimens.

Amazing animals

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11 February 2019

First World War: Beyond the trenches

Use objects, documentary evidence and discussion to find out the local experience of war, from the Leeds PALS and Rifles to the stories of the people they left behind.

First World War

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Get inspired!

We have over one million inspirational objects covering dress and textiles, world cultures, archaeology, geology, social history and natural history.

Get inspired

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Light waves: The colour of nature

Explore some of the properties of light through experiments. Construct a spectroscope to examine white light.

Light waves

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Rocks and Fossils

Where do rocks come from? How are rocks classified? What are fossils and where are they found?

Rocks and fossils

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Science in the workplace: Behind the scenes

Find out about real science in the workplace! See how science is integral to museums from storage to object preservation and cleaning.

Science in the workplace

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Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

How did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and then to the Iron Age? How do we know when there were no written records?

Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

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Theory of evolution: Using bone measurements

Provide your students with a measurable means of evaluating the theory of evolution by measuring skulls to illustrate man’s development and compare human development to that of our animal counterparts.

Theory of evolution

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Walk like an Egyptian

Forget Pharaohs and pyramids, see how the everyday citizens of ancient Egypt lived and worked.

Walk like an Egyptian

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What have the Romans ever done for us?

Pupils will explore how the Romans lived day to day in Britain by handling artefacts from Dalton Parlours, a Roman villa near Wetherby, and investigate the legacy they left behind.

What have the Romans ever done for us

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