A waterwheel in action

Earth Energies


08 October 2022 - 31 December 2023

Venue Thwaite Watermills

Tags Activity, Adult,

“Listen to the rumbling of the wheels before returning to the sounds of nature that surround the mill…”

Presenting a new audio visual artwork – Thwaite: Earth Energies.

Created by Paul Ratcliff and Darren Wall, this 8 minute film features high quality audio recordings of the wildlife and machinery at Thwaite Watermill in early 2022, accompanied by images and animations.

Commissioned during COP26 and at a time post-lockdown when people are seeking wellbeing from nature, Earth Energies was recorded at Thwaite Watermill, a place connecting the themes of renewable energy and urban wildlife.

The piece is available to experience in high definition sound in the Warehouse at Thwaite Watermill when you visit, alongside a fascinating archive documentary about the mill and its history made when it opened as a museum in 1990.


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