Bird art by Diana Beltran Herrera

Outside In


01 April 2023 - 05 November 2023

Venue Temple Newsam

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On 19 October 1923, Temple Newsam was officially opened to the public after being purchased by the City of Leeds a year before. This provided the people of Leeds with one of the largest public parks in Europe for exercise and recreation, and an awe-inspiring historic country house to explore.

To mark the 100th anniversary of public ownership, three artists – People Powered Press, Diana Beltran Herrera and Paul Ratcliff  have created unique artworks which highlight some of the most recognisable features of Temple Newsam House. These interventions also celebrate the nature, sights and sounds of Temple Newsam’s amazing outdoors, bringing the outside, in. A small display in the Book Room also charts the sometimes-dramatic changes that have occurred in the last century.


Temple Newsam is a valuable habitat for many species of birds and numerous varieties are featured in the elaborate wallpaper of the house. Bristol-based Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera has drawn inspiration from the historic wallpaper to create a Chinese wallpaper in three dimensions. Her creations are made entirely of paper, so they are delicate and fragile – a fitting metaphor for the precarious state of the natural world today.


Temple Newsam’s Picture Gallery is one of the greatest rooms in Britain. Its design is based upon nature and the outside world. Paul Ratcliff has installed an immersive soundscape to reference this impressive space. It has been carefully stitched together from field recordings taken around the estate. It highlights not only the importance of Temple Newsam as a habitat for wildlife but also its role in allowing the public to be amongst nature.


Temple Newsam’s rooftop inscription is one of its most recognisable and memorable features. The words, ‘HEALTH AND PLENTY BE WITHIN THIS HOUSE’ have been used as the focus of these artworks. We invite you to think about what these words mean to you as you look around the installation. The artworks were co-created with Leeds Stitch & Textile, People Poetry, and People Powered Press.

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