Five gold rings photographed on a long exposure to make them look blurred at The Christmas Experience Lotherton

12 Days Walk & Fairy Dell

Come take a stroll on our magical woodland walk, follow our twinkling lit paths and you’ll discover the enchanting installations of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Gaze in awe at the beautiful golden pears, say ‘bonjour’ to our French Hens, listen to the calling birds, run through our gold rings or make our ladies dance! Explore all of the interactive stations, offering something for each family member to enjoy. Each station will be cleaned regularly but please use the hand sanitiser stations provided before and after use.

Uncover our secret fairy hideaway, tip-toe through the dell to catch a glimpse of our fairies in their new village and listen to their giggles and whispers. Take a peek at their tiny village, the cinema, church, windmill, count all the little doors in the rock gardens and get caught up in their magical world.

The Hall lit up green from the outside at The Christmas Experience Lotherton

Wildlife World

Wildlife World, tells the story of the world’s natural heritage. It is a continued development of the original Bird Garden which has been a part of the estate since the 1980s.

Meet playful Humboldt penguins as they splash about in their pool. See flamingos in their habitat and say hello to the resident tapir and capybaras.

Please note face coverings must be warn when exiting Wildlife World (through the shop). Close daily at 4pm, last entry 3.15pm.

The Fairy Dell at The Christmas Experience Lotherton

Frequently asked questions

We have created a list of FAQs for visitors, please read through them if you have any queries or questions before getting in touch.

If you would like to contact us, please email [email protected].